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A Digital Venture (or AD-Venture) is the name of my freelance activities as a web- and app-programmer. I've been doing this since 2002, when I began as a PHP, Javascript and Flash (!) programmer. In those early years I was the freelance programmer on a lot of interesting interactive webapplications, including some well-received Flash-adaptations of casual games, some of which are still playable online at zylom.nl, like Sudoku and Cubis 2. Apart from that I created many online corporate applications and websites, but since 2013 I've been working at Netrex Internet Solutions to mainly build interactive websites and -applications targeted at elderly and low literate people as well as people with mental disorders. Many examples of which can be found at Steffie.nl.

Since starting my job at Netrex I have not done much freelance work, but I have been honing my skills in other areas of expertise, the newest challenge being the building of apps for mobile devices. Therefore I am proud to present my first publicly released app "ADV Soundboard". You can find more information on it further down this page.

Soundboard app

The soundboard app. What does it do?
You can:

  • Create your own soundboards and manage them in a list
  • Add sounds to your soundboard from different sources:
    • Cloud drives (like Google Drive and Dropbox)
    • Certain Filesystem apps (like file explorers)
    • Or directly from the filesystem on your device
  • Use many commonly accepted audio filetypes (like WAV, MP3 etc.)
  • Customize the visual appearance of the soundbytes that appear on the soundboard
  • Add multiple files to a soundboard in one action
  • Drag and drop the sound bytes on a soundboard, to rearrange
  • Optionally configure soundbytes to automatically loop

Click below to see the privacy polic regarding this app:
Privacy Policy (dutch)


If you want to contact me, you can use any of the following channels. I am happy to hear from you.

Vincent van Haaren
+31 6 44536895